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Tower cranes

Flat-top tower crane TDK-8.180
Order crane
Lifting capacity at max. jib radius, t 1,65
Max. lifting height, m 49
Max. lifting capacity, t 8
Max. jib radius, m 60
Nominal capacity, kW 45
Construction features
Lifting and height specifications
The TDK-8.180 is a supported static electric flat-top crane used in construction. It has a fixed tower and a rotary jib with a load trolley equipped with a hook. The crane is designed to mechanize the construction process of high-rise residential, civil and industrial buildings. It has a maximum lifting capacity of up to 8 tonnes.

The operator’s cabin is a complicated structure but easy in use control center of the crane. All drives are controlled by means of frequency converters. The operator’s cabin is equipped with a comfortable seat, a single joystick control lever and a display monitor that shows all the working parameters of the crane.

The cabin ergonomics and large glass windows allow for an optimum view on the work environment, to concentrate only on necessary information and the moved load. And also provides the full review of a building site. The convenient hi-tech chair, with springing system allows to eliminate back muscular strains and reduces a risk of occupational diseases.

The jib has seven versions from 30 to 60 meters.
The jib can be assembled on the ground and mounted onto the tower in one piece, alternatively, it can be assembled section by section atop the fixed tower. The latter method is also used to enhance jib length. The tower is assembled by a mobile crane or a hydraulic climbing frame. Once a climb has been completed, the climbing frame can be removed for use on other cranes.

All crane assembly components are made of high quality materials. A crane is reviewed during testing and examinations. Each construction component is calculated analytically, and is tested at the stand and the production ground.

The crane is transported in accordance to length and weight requirements by small number of trucks.

The variation of installation of a crane tower allows to reach the required height without additional time expenditure. The tower has a set of erection schemes and can reach the height of 180 meters.
The special system of fastening to a constructed building gives the chance to reach the maximum height, using a minimum number of ties. That allows to reduce the crane weight, to reduce transportation costs and what’s the main to lower the caused loss to the building.
This model is mounted on a rail-travelling undercarriage, on an anchor base or a cross frame base. The optional feature “+”allows erecting the required crane version from separate parts of other models.

The latest electronics and foreign mechanisms allow to be sure and quiet of quality and no-failure operation of our crane. This crane meets all international requirements and standards.

Therefore, quality, price and interchangeability of components on our crane models, will allow you to provide all requirements of construction objects by minimum number of trucks.