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Tower cranes

Flat-top tower crane TDK-16.440
Order crane
Lifting capacity at max. jib radius, t 5,1
Max. freestanding height, m 86,6
Max. lifting capacity, t 16
Max. jib radius, m 60
Base types
Lifting and height specifications

Flat-top tower crane TDK-16.440 is designed to mechanize the construction and erection works during the building of residential, civic and industrial objects. It is the crane of heavy-duty series (like TDK-10.215, TDK-12.300, TDK-16.350, TDK-16.440, TDK-25.550) that was announced by GIRAFFE in 2015.

The TDK-16.440 is the stationary flat-top hook tower crane that can be equipped with tower ties. The crane has a fixed tower and swinging jib.

The maximum lifting capacity of the TDK-16.440 is 16 t. On the top of jib, it lifts 5.1 t. The freestanding height of the cranes equals 86.6 m, and the maximum jib radius is 60 m.

This crane was used as a basis for development and reserve mastering of jibs with length of 30 and 75 m.

The experience gained in cooperation with foreign manufacturers and developers since 2010 has helped to design and master this crane by the own engineering centre. The newest solutions used by the world-leading tower crane manufacturers are used in the construction of the TDK-16.440. The control system is placed in a monocabin as usual. The 2.8×2.8 m tower sections with the height of 3.3 m and 5 m are used on ultrahigh cranes, at harsh service conditions and seismicity more than 6 points. The crane units can be transported in trucks and containers.