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Tower cranes

Flat-top tower crane TDK-16.350
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Lifting capacity at max. jib radius, t 3.6
Max. freestanding height, m 80
Max. lifting capacity, t 16
Max. jib radius, m 70
Base types
Load chart
Lifting and height specifications
Tower crane TDK-16.350 is designed to mechanize the construction process of high-rise residential, civil and industrial buildings. It has a maximum lifting capacity of up to 12 tonnes.
The TDK-16.350 is a supported static electric flat-top crane used in construction. It has a fixed tower and a rotary jib with a load trolley equipped with a hook. The freestanding crane has a lifting height of up to 80 meters. When the maximum freestanding height of the crane has to be exceeded, the crane is tied to the building.   The crane is assembled section by section by utilizing hydraulic climbing equipment. 
With the launch of mass production of flat-top cranes GIRAFFE has taken a step in a novel direction.  This type of construction equipment draws on modern technology and expertise of the company’s foreign counterparts as well as on the extensive experience that it garnered over 300-years in the crane manufacturing business. The TDK-16.350 is developed with the direct participation of leading European design bureau and European Certification Organization for Security and Reliability of designed constructions. The crane was designed the latest technologies used by leaders in the industry of crane manufacturing.