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Tower cranes

Flat top tower crane TDK-10.180-NTK
Order crane
Lifting capacity at max. jib radius, t 1,65
Max. lifting height, m 65
Max. lifting capacity, t 10
Max. jib radius, m 60
Nominal capacity, kW 55
Construction features
Lifting and height specifications
Flat top tower crane TDK-10.180-NTK is developed by an European design bureau and European Certification Organization for Security and Reliability of designed constructions. The TDK-10.180-NTK is a multi-purpose full-slewing crane with the maximum lifting capacity of 10 tonnes. The TDK-10.180-NTK belongs to the TDK-series manufactured by GIRAFFE. A climbing equipment of the TDK-10.180-NTK is a standard component and can be used also for the TDK-10.215-NTK. The TDK-10.180-NTK stand out from the rest due to their high speed operation.

The TDK-10.180 crane is equipped with NTK control and safety system and a monocabin.
Optimal selection
Number of Parts of Line 1
Lifting capacity, t
Max. 2
At max. jib radius 3
Lifting capacity, t
At max. jib radius (with inclined jib) 4
Max. load capacity, t*m 5
Jib radius, m
Max. 6
Min. 1
At max. lifting capacity 2
With a jib inclined at (30°) 3
Construction weight, t
Mounted on an under carrier, freestanding, t 4
Founded on an anchor base, freestanding, t 5
Founded on an anchor base with an basic tower, freestanding, t 6
Founded on an anchor base with 2 basic towers, freestanding, t 1
Mounted on a rail-travelling undercarriage (without ballast block), t 2
Counterweight mass, t 1
Weight of Ballast Blocks (for the crane mounted on an under carrier or on a rail-travelling), t 3
Высота крана на опорах (стрела горизонтальная), м 2
Lifting height, m
With 2-part line 1
Standard section base, m 1
Track x base (rail travelling undercarriage), m 1
Сounterweight Tail Radius, m 1
Slewing radius, deg. 360° slewing 2
Lifting/lowering speed, m/min
With 2-part line 1
With 4-part line 1
With 2-part line and a load with a weight of up to ½ of the nominal lifting capacity 3
With 4-part line and a load with a weight of up to ½ of the nominal lifting capacity 4
Максимальная (холостой крюковой подвески) 5
Precision Load-lowering Speed, m/min 6
Crane Travelling Speed, m/min
At nominal lifting capacity 7
With a load weighting half the nominal lifting capacity 8
Crane Travelling Speed, m/min 9
Slewing Speed, r.p.m. 6
Motor сapaсity, kW
Total 5
Hoist winch (accessory) 8
Hoist winch (main) 9
Trolley winch 6
Rotation system 7
Traveling (Cyclic Duration Factor (CDF = 100%) 8
Базовая комплектация электропривода 9
Control system 10
Control system
Crane 1
Mechanisms 1
Climatic Version 2
Geometric parameters, m
Сounterweight Tail Radius 3
Track x base (rail travelling undercarriage) 2
Operating Mode
The hoist winch 12
The trolley winch 3
Slewing 12
Travelling 1