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Tower cranes

Flat-top tower crane TDK-25.450
Order crane
Lifting capacity at max. jib radius, t 4
Max. freestanding height, m up to 120 m
Max. lifting capacity, t 25
The TDK-25.450 is designed to mechanize the construction and erection work during the building of residential, civic and industrial objects, as well as facilities of energy sector and to lift the elements weighting up to 25 tonnes.  

The following foundation versions are available:
- anchor foundation;
- supporting frame;
- rail mounted foundation.

To achieve greater lifting heights, the tower ties need to be used.  

The use of tower elements with increased section ensures a freestanding height up to 120 m. The TDK-25.450 significantly surpasses the KB-674 and KB-605 in lifting characteristics.  

Upon the request the crane can be equipped with:
- climate control system in the cabin;
- system of waking state monitoring;
- remote monitoring system;
- builders hoist.

The tower height can be increased or decreased with a climbing unit.
Number of Parts of Line 2-fall/4-fall
Lifting capacity, t
Max. 25
At max. jib radius 4
Lifting capacity, t
Max. load capacity, t*m 450
Jib radius, m
Min. 75
At max. lifting capacity 13,75
Construction weight, t
Lifting height, m
Freestanding crane height, m up to 120 m
Slewing radius, deg. 360° slewing not limited
Lifting/lowering speed, m/min
Максимальная (холостой крюковой подвески) 100
Crane Travelling Speed, m/min
At nominal lifting capacity 0-80
Motor сapaсity, kW
Hoist winch (main) 90
Trolley winch 11
Rotation system 4х7,5
Control system
Climatic Version N1 (operation in temperate climate at open air)
Seismic resistance up to 6 MSK scale
Wind area (with no ties to the building) IV
Geometric parameters, m
Operating Mode
Crane A3