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Tower cranes

Portal crane TDKP-12,5.440
Order crane
Lifting capacity at max. jib radius, t 12,5
Max. lifting height, m 15
Max. lifting capacity, t 12,5
Max. jib radius, m 35

A portal crane  TDKP-12,5.440 is a mobile, fully-slewing, rail-travelling crane. It features a stationary tower and a saddle jib.

The crane is mounted on a portal frame that is supported on runways allowing the crane to travel.

A portal crane TDKP-12,5.440 is intended for mechanization of load-handling operations in warehouses and landfills.

The crane has a max lifting capacity of 12,5 tonnes.

 Upon request, the crane can be equipped with   a grab bucket.

In order to develop the crane the experts tapped into the experience of the leading foreign manufacturers of construction and portal cranes. The outcome of their work was an advanced, reliable and inexpensive portal crane that is easy to operate and has no parallel neither in Russia nor in the CIS.

The  TDKP-12,5.440 boasts advanced technical and performance characteristics that stand above those of any other portal cranes manufactured in the Russian market. This high standard is made possible by extensive design and manufacturing expertise found at OOO Crane Technologies and  the use of high-quality spare parts.

Advantages of the portal crane

Tower sections are

The rotary support manufactured by PSL.

The hoist winch unit manufactured by Zollern, Germany.

The trolley winch manufactured by Zollern, Germany.

Slewing mechanism drive manufactured by Zollern, Germany.

Travel mechanism manufactured by Bauer, Germany.

Harting connectors provide fast and reliable erection of electrocable connections of the crane (Germany).

The frequency controlled system designed with gears manufactured by ABB (Germany) and frequency converters manufactured by Control Techniques (Great Britain).

An automatic lubrication system of the rotary support excludes hard manual work at height (Lincoln industrial USA).

The spacious and comfortable cabin.

The profile used in metalwork production meet the requirements of GOST and is delivered directly from manufacturing plant. 

The advantage of the portal cranes TDKP-10.300 comes into play mainly there when a portal is required to pass a car and railway transport in areas confined or severely limited in space.