We put our knowledge, talent and innovative approach to create the ideal construction tool that people around the world can rely on. GIRAFFE cranes are designed for comfortable and safe work — our clients can easily reach any height.

Tower cranes

Gantrycrane KKT
Order crane
Lifting capacity at max. jib radius, t 12,5
Max. lifting height, m 9
Max. lifting capacity, t 12,5
Max. jib radius, m 6,3

Gantry cranes – cranes of bridge type of general purpose (reloading) moving on rails. Gantry cranes apply usually to service opened (more rare covered) warehouses, mainly piece freights, containers and forest freights weighing up to 32 тн.

Gantry cranes GIRAFFE are equipped with the most modern accessories and control systems that is a guarantee of successful operation of products. Average service life of gantry cranes of about 20 - 25 years depending on an operating mode and service conditions.

Crane components

-          Crane V-profile lattice bridge 

-          Crane supports made from U-profile

-          Hoist winch (Siebenhaar, Germany);

-          Trolley winch (Siebenhaar, Germany);

-          Imported electromotors with integrated disc brakes

-          Travel mechanism (manufactured by Bauer, Germany).

-          Harting connectors (Germany) provide fast and reliable erection of electrocable connections of the crane.

-          System of frequency control is equipped with start control devices and frequency converters manufactured by Schneider electric (France).

-          The spacious and comfortable cabin.

-          The profile used in metalwork production meet the requirements of GOST and is delivered directly from manufacturing plant. 

Main advantages

Lattice construction lets to have minimal wind resistance at maximal lifting capacity 

- Availability of components to high-quality anticorrosion protection;

- It is intended for works over a range of temperatures from – 40° to + 40° C;

- Use of a planetary reduction gear has a number of advantages compared to made in Russia two-level cylindrical reducers: higher reliability, smaller weight, high efficiency (to 95%), lack of oil leaks;

- Use of electronics manufactured by leading producers  such as Schneider electric (France), Harting connectors (Germany), Conductix-Wampfler cable reels (Germany);

-          Frequency control provides the increased controllability, high reliability, simple service, the sparing mode for mechanisms, high economy in operation;

- The operator’s cabin is equipped with a comfortable seat, a single joystick control lever and a display monitor that shows all the working parameters of the crane.

- The integrated safety system complies with all safety regulations implemented  in the Russian Federation, making the KB-586  highly reliable in operation. The system monitors the individual limit values of the various parameters and, in addition to displaying warning messages on the monitor, issues an alarm signal to ensure safety during the operation of the crane.

- The design of the crane ensures quick and easy assembly. Сrane bridge operated in two versions, pinned or joint, mounted on the ground and established on bases by crane  or  winches (self-assembly)

-The operator’s cabin made of steel profiles with windows from unbreakable glass, with fan heaters, the conditioner. It is equipped with the fire extinguisher, the first-aid kit;

The hi-tech crane painting is carried out in stages: bead or sand blasting of surfaces, sizing, painting with zinc-containing coatings. This technology excludes surface rust, fading, and corrosion;

- Efficient availability of spare parts allows promptly replacement without stopping production.