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Tower cranes

The fast self-erecting tower crane SMK-3.33
Order crane
Lifting capacity at max. jib radius, t 1
Max. lifting height, m 17
Max. lifting capacity, t 3
Max. jib radius, m 25
Nominal capacity, kW 10

The SMK-3.33 is a new fast self-erecting tower crane that complies with the current regulations for construction and assembly works. The crane is designed to optimize and accelerate load handling procedures in metropolitan cities and areas with low-rise buildings, such as logistic centers and shopping malls, cluster home communities, sport facilities and others.   

Special Features of the SMK-3.33:

  • easy to maintain, no need for a special crane maintenance team
  • can be erected or dismantled in 1,5 hours without additional lifting equipment 
  • The use of dollies allows the crane to be towed as a trailer-train unit at the speed of 60 km/h. The crane is towed by a common truck tractor with a load capacity of 20 t. No special permission is required from the Federal Authority for Road Traffic Safety (GIBDD) 
  • the crane is operated by cable remote control or joystick radio remote control;
  • trolley-travelling, slewing and hoisting gears are controlled by  a frequency control system 
  • silent and lean operation of electric motors  
  • an automatic trolley rope tension device 
  • operating conditions: temperature  -40°/+40°
  • seismic activity up to 6 points

A fast self-erecting tower crane is a combination of high efficiency, versatility, dependability and safety. Fast self-erecting tower cranes are indispensible in cramped and space-limited areas and for that reason they have earned remarkable trust and repute throughout Europe and the CIS.

A fast self-erecting tower crane is the only type of crane that can move and place the load anywhere within the construction footprint while remaining stationary.  That is why such crane is a great option in lieu of other more expensive hoisting equipment such as mobile cranes, crawler cranes of the DEK, RDK, MKG series.