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Tower cranes

Top-Slewing tower crane with cat-head TDK-40.1250
Order crane
Lifting capacity at max. jib radius, t 10
Max. lifting height, m 180
Max. freestanding height, m 80
Max. lifting capacity, t 40
Max. jib radius, m 80.5
Lifting and height specifications

TDK-40.1250 is a flat-top tower crane with a multiple-section saddle jib. The crane can be used for installation and loading work during building of large industrial objects.

The new crane with lifting capacity of 40 tones was specially designed for building of large industrial objects, in particular for nuclear power stations. It is a worth substitute of import machines that are being used now and a price for which has incredibly increased during last few years. Technical features of the crane are really impressive: the freestanding height reaches 80 meters. The crane also can be mounted on a rail track with a portal, anchoring foundation and on supporting frame. Lifting characteristics are staggering: the crane can lift 10 tones at maximum jib radius of 80.5 meters, the maximum lifting capacity is guaranteed up to 30 meters.

To meet the enormous technical features of the crane, the massive and reliable metal constructions are used: the four meters tower sections are designed, the base of rail support will reach 10 meters. But due to a prefabricated construction you will not have any problems with transport or installation. All elements can be transported on a standard trucks.

Such a project is the first development for crane building industry. Especially due to the lifting characteristics and design features (top-slewing crane that can be mounted on an anchor foundation with ties), this crane has no other analogues in Soviet and Russian crane industry.

First and foremost the crane was developed to meet the current need of Rosatom capital construction. The tower crane TDK-40.1250 is designed for building of nuclear power station under VVER-TOI project. It means that the crane is not only needed for construction of Russian objects, but also has enormous export potential. With modern construction technology, the crane is able to replace the outdated KB-1000 and modern European tower cranes, as well as to provide a competition to a legendary Kroll K-10000. TDK-40.1250 is ideally suited for building of nuclear objects due to the number of features: top-slewing construction, ability for use of tower ties, modern control and safety systems, as well as safety constructions and high mobility. The brand new tower crane has brought the domestic crane building industry to a fundamentally new level, as there are only several such projects in a whole world.

GIRAFFE tower cranes have already been used for building of nuclear objects, namely TDK-10.215 (top selling cranes on the Russian market) and fast-erecting crane SMK-5.66 (first and sole domestic fast-erecting cranes). These cranes are already working on the building site of replacement Kursk Nuclear Power Station-2. The GIRAFFE tower cranes have an outstanding feature: the leading world technologies are adapted to harsh Russian climate. The crane mechanisms provide smooth operation at temperatures from –40 °C to +40 °C. The heated operator cabin with integrated electrical equipment guaranty the comfortable use and easy maintenance of the crane.

Prompt and high quality service is also an undeniable advantage of domestic tower cranes. GIRAFFE always keeps the key units and components on its storehouse for easy and timely maintenance and repair. The remote diagnostic system through GPRS allows to detect and eliminate any malfunctions within the shortest time.

Development and implementation of such projects by the domestic companies not only meet the current needs of industry for building of nuclear objects, but are also some kind of foundation for future special projects. As you know, in close cooperation it is possible to design the equipment with necessary lifting features and improve the control automation, using additional safety parameters and automatizing standard operations.

Number of Parts of Line 2/4
Lifting capacity, t
Max. 40
Lifting capacity, t
Max. load capacity, t*m 1250
Jib radius, m
Max. 80,5
At max. lifting capacity 30
Construction weight, t
Lifting height, m
Max. 180
Lifting/lowering speed, m/min
Crane Travelling Speed, m/min
Motor сapaсity, kW
Control system
Climatic Version У1Т1
Wind area (with no ties to the building) I - V
Max. lifting height with inclined jib up to, m 80
Geometric parameters, m
Operating Mode
Lifting and height specifications