New technical product of the GIRAFFE engineering centre: the use of fastening elements is getting easier and more convenient with special tower section

The fundamental principle of our work is a commitment to easy use of the GIRAFFE equipment. The GIRAFFE team carefully considers the needs of its customers trying to meet all requirements, without neglecting any single comment.

Upon a large number of requests, the GIRAFFE engineering centre has developed a special tower section for the TDK-8.180 crane for installation of the fastening elements on it.

Now the fastening of the crane to the building is more quickly and convenient!

The construction of the new tower section is provided with two levels of brackets, using these supporting elements the crane can be fastened to the building. Now the special sections just have to be installed in the right places of the tower. Mountain the fastening elements, fix them on the special section and to the building. All you have to do is to adjust the length of the struts using adjustment devices.

Unlike the classical variant of the fastening with use of a collar, the special tower section enables to facilitate and speed up the process of the crane’s attachment to the building objects significantly. Now the erection crews do not need to work at height installing the collar.

We suggest the builders to evaluate the easy use of the new fastening method – special tower section!


The fastening element for attachment of a crane to a building is used to increase the height of the freestanding crane by fastening to the building object. The special fastening elements help to improve the safety level, to operate with bigger loads, excluding crane’s tilting.

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