The first GIRAFFE derrick crane is installed and has begun its operation

The unique lifting equipment for the Russian market was produced, installed and put into operation. We are speaking about the first GIRAFFE derrick crane that was manufactured at one of the production sites belonging to the group of companies.

The production of this crane was mastered under the import substitution program. At the present stage, the derrick cranes are usually imported from the abroad and cost a lot. However, despite the rich history of the crane building industry and unique experience, the cranes of this type have not been particularly produced in Russia.

But, at the same time the mining companies still need the modern, safety and affordable derrick cranes that will help to facilitate the work and speed up the production rate of valuable minerals. These cranes is an indispensable “assistant” in quarrying.

Being extremely attentive to the needs of the market and its customers, the GIRAFFE engineering centre has designed the new model in the shortest time, and the production experts has implemented the project to help the mining industry. The new GIRAFFE derrick crane DK-25 has already started its heavy-duty operation at one of the quarries located in the Chelyabinsk Oblast.

Derrick crane