Another success of Giraffe in the industrial building

The Giraffe cranes are gradually used on more and more industrial objects. We willingly help to solve challengeable issues, which are arisen by developing industrial enterprises. It is especially interesting to work with sectoral leaders. One of them is the chemical industry giant ZapSibNeftehim that is the part of the largest gas-processing and petrochemical company SIBUR.
Two rented SMK-5.66 cranes will build the object of reprocessing station at the building site in Tobolsk. The manufacturing capability of this object will reach 2 million tonnes per year and ZapSibNeftehim will become the largest modern petrochemical complex in Russia.

The development project of the industrial site involves the construction of different installations: pyrolysis installation with the capacity of 1.5 million tonnes of ethylene, ca 500 thousand tonnes of propylene and 100 thousand tonnes of butane-butylene fraction per year, installations for production of different polyethylene and polypropylene grade with the gross capacity of 2 million tonnes per year.    

The realization of project is intended to develop oil and gas production co-product reprocessing of Western Siberia, including the associated petroleum gas, and to substitute the import of high demand polymers on the Russian market. weq.jpg
ZapSibNeftehim is going to be the part of the industrial site Tobolsk, which has been merged already working factories of monomers and polymers. The complex ZapSibNeftehim is intending to use the highest technologies in the sphere of hydrocarbon materials reprocessing and logistics. It will help to make the investment project reliable, safety and efficient.
We wish the SIBUR company success on their way to the leadership not only in Russia, but also in the whole world and new challenging projects, for fulfillment of which we are ready to offer the most modern machines!