Successful tests of TDK-10.215 with new cabin

The TDK-10.215 (KB-586) with new domestic SUBK (tower crane control system) cabin has been successful tested.  The 54-meter tower crane with new cabin and control system has been mounted and has successfully passed the tests. Then it has been demounted and dispatched to the customer.

Another GIRAFFE serial tower crane equipped with SUBK crane cabin has successfully passed the tests. Monocabin is one of the most high-technology and expensive component combining the operator’s cabin and electrical cabinets. It is a guarantee of comfort work and crane maintenance at any weather conditions.

For a long time, the monocabins for GIRAFFE cranes have been delivered only from abroad. They were equipped with foreign control and safety system. However, since 2015 the GIRAFFE construction department and Chelyabinsk specialized enterprise “SVECHEL” have been manufacturing the monocabins and control systems for all serial tower cranes. Domestic manufacture of the cabins helps not only to reduce the price and delivery terms of cranes, but also gives the opportunity to improve the control and safety systems and to develop the crane’s intelligent functions.

Some of GIRAFFE cranes, SMK-10.200, TDK-12.300 and TDK-8.180, portal-loader cranes TDKP-10.300 and TDKP-12,5.440 are already equipped with the domestic SUBK cabins. Now the most in-demand tower crane will be also delivered with the modern Russian cabin.