The conference before the holiday

On the 20th of September, before the professional holiday, the industrial engineers of the Chelyabinsk region met to discuss the sector issues and prospects, to make the conclusions and to relate about the achievements.

The spokespersons of regional public sector unions and organizations participated in the conference besides the representatives of the leading machine building enterprises of the region: Industrial Development Fund, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Russian Engineering Union and All-Russian Organization of Small and Medium Business Opora Russia.

The GIRAFFE group was represented by Vladimir Baltin, director general of the enterprise Kranovye Tekhnologii:

‘There is no doubt that there is a serious decline in the machine building sector. The market is changing, and the main thing is to find your own sphere of activity, to find that, what isn’t offered yet. Before the main direction was for us the manufacture of building cranes, but in this year the themes changed. We began to work with industry sector, to work more with the projects according to the clients’ requests.

Now we have non-core orders: we actively manufacture metalwares, produce industry.