No limits for commitment to quality

We are constantly searching for the best engineering solutions to ensure the comfortable operation, security and operating life of the GIRAFFE lifting equipment and communicating with the world-leading manufacturers of components, whose reputation and product quality are proven by the time.

With one such supplier, GIRAFFE team met on the 23rd of March. It was the Italian company STM S.p.A. ( – the European leading manufacturer of gearboxes used in all industrial sectors. The regional manager Marco Zanardi and CEO, cofounder Marco Lucchini specially arrived in Chelyabinsk to discuss the cooperation with GIRAFFE, leader of the Russian crane building industry.

During the meeting, the use of high-quality gearboxes and geared motors produced by STM S.p.A. in the GIRAFFE tower, gantry and overhead travelling cranes was discussed.

While the GIRAFFE engineering centre is approving the technical issues, the experts of purchase department are planning the return visit to Italy to check the production capacities and product quality. Our experts choose the suppliers extremely scrupulous. The GIRAFFE tower cranes work like a clock, and the supplier’s change does not affect this rule!