Governor put a high value on unique potential of the crane TDK-40.1250

The governor of the Chelyabinsk region, Mr. Boris Dubrovskiy, visited a production site located in Nyazepetrovsk. Giraffe’s brand new crane TDK-40.1250 was demonstrated to the executive head of the region. The crane lifted and luffed successfully a fifty-ton test load, what is 25% more than its nominal lifting capacity.

The TDK-40.1250 is the most modern and high-technology Russian development to construct the major energy facilities and industrial projects. Crane’s design and launch of the serial production will be the most significant breakthrough for the Russian crane building industry in the past 30 years. 

Standard version of this crane lifts maximum 40 tons, at the maximal jib radius (80 m) the value of the maximum lifting capacity reaches up to 10 tons. Free-standing height of the standard version is 80 m; if the tower ties are used, the crane can climb up to 185 m.

TDK-40.1250 is used for construction of the major strategic facilities: nuclear power stations, heating plants, hydropower plants, space centers, large industrial and infrastructural projects. This crane also helps to construct and service the ports and shipyards.

The crane fully complies with harsh Russian service conditions and safety requirements using at the production sites. Up to now, such cranes have been delivered only from abroad (Germany, Spain and China). The developers have used the physically and technologically outdated cranes that have not met the modern safety requirements and building technologies.

Production of crane’s standard version is localized up to 68%; if the higher crane with tower ties is manufactured, this value will defiantly increase. The suppliers of the Chelyabinsk region provide the plant with raw materials and components, which cost is up to 40%. This includes large volumes of metal-roll, as well as the monocabin and crane’s control system.

The crane is equipped with equipment necessary for work and rest: air-conditioner, heater, dining table, modern ergonomic operator’s workplace, and facilities for heating and cleaning of the glasses. Comfort and usability at the workplace help not only to improve working conditions, but also ensure the safety and security at the production site.

The localized production of the cabins and control systems gives GIRAFFE the opportunity to improve the intelligent functions of the crane: compensation of jib swaying in the wind, anti-collision system, if several cranes operate at the production site, memory system to carry out operations of the same time. It is a promising and high- technology source that will be developed by the GIRAFFE experts in the future.

The governor held a meeting on social and economic development in the Nyazepetrovsk metropolitan region after the demonstration program.