A great ship asks deep waters!

GIRAFFE gained the long-awaited Certificate of conformity of the Customs Union that confirms availability to produce the serial TDK tower cranes with the lifting capacity from 25 up to 63 tones with different jib length, lifting height and foundation.

This event is particularly significant not only for GIRAFFE, but also for the whole crane building industry. The TDK-40.1250 is a truly unique project of GIRAFFE engineering centre. 

High lifting capacity, major freestanding height, different versions of foundation and dismountable construction for easy transport confirm the status of the TDK-40.1250 as the most modern and high-technology domestic development to construct the large-scale power facilities and industrial objects.

The crane is locating at the testing site of our plant in Nyazepetrovks now. It is mounted at the maximal freestanding height and has maximal jib length: 80 m height and 81 m jib. The crane has already passed all tests, and is going to be demounted in the nearest future.

But it is not the only one important event due to certification. At early August, GIRAFFE gained the certificate of compliance with technical regulations of the Custom Union to manufacture bridge cranes with the lifting capacity up to 120 tones.

We congratulate the whole GIRAFFE team on this achievement! We also invite the representatives of building and manufacturing companies to discover the newest products of the crane building industry.