The giant GIRAFFE TDK-40.1100 is ready to operate

The GIRAFFE experts have finished the first stage of work to install one of the five 40 t TDK-40.1100 tower cranes at the Kursk-2 NPP building site.

GIRAFFE tower cranes have already built the most significant domestic objects over the whole Russia: from the FIFA World Cup stadiums to Moscow Metro. The GIRAFFE cranes have also erected the buildings of atomic industry, namely the TDK-10.215 cranes and SMK-5.66 crane (the first and only fast self-erecting crane in Russia) have been used at the Kursk NPP building site. Now it is the time of heavy lifting equipment – the GIRAFFE TDK-40.1100.

The GIRAFFE TDK-40.1100 has the unique characteristics. The maximum lifting capacity of standard version is 40 t, the jib radius is 63.5 m, at maximum jib radius the crane can lift up to 10 t. The equipment having such operating characteristics has not been produced in Russian Federation before.

Башенный кран-гигант GIRAFFE TDK-40.1100


The crane was specially designed for operation in Russian climate. It can operate at temperatures between -40°С and +40°С, has anti-collision system to provide the safest work, is equipped with hoist for comfortable and safety lifting of the crane driver. The most reliable components produced by the leading European companies are used for manufacture of this crane.

The crane’s installation and its complete assembly will be implemented in three stages. At the present moment, the height of the crane is 39.4 m and is ready to operate. In addition, after the third stage, the giant’s freestanding height will be 80 m.

The crane was specially designed to build the strategically important objects – power plants, space centres, major industrial and infrastructure facilities, as well as to serve the ports and shipyards.

We hope the development of the GIRAFFE TDK-40.1100 will ensure the building of major objects influencing the Russian energy security with use of the domestic equipment.