The thousandth SMK-10.200 (KB-408.21), the legend of the Russian crane building industry is manufactured

GIRAFFE has produced the SMK-10.200 tower crane (KB-408.21) under the serial number 1.000.

The factory personnel has another outstanding event – the thousandth SMK-10.200 is manufactured. One of the foreign building companies is already waiting for the special tower crane under anniversary serial number.

The SMK-10.200 (KB-408.21) is the time-proved, reliable, easy-to-operate and -maintain tower crane that gained respect of the builders within Russia and far beyond. It is perhaps the most known model in Russia and CIS.

The “forefather” of the SMK-10.200 (KB-408.21) is the KB-160 (KB-401) that has been manufactured by Nyazepetrovsk crane building plant since the second half of the 60s).

Башенный кран КБ-401 Башенный кран КБ-408.21

On the left side: KB-160.2 (KB-401) tower crane with maneuver jib. On the right side: modern SMK-10.200 on one of the construction sites in Engels city.

In the past, the SMK-10.200 crane was named as KB-408.21 and was manufactured by two crane building plants. The Moscow plant Severyanin (ZAO BAKRA), which do not produce the tower cranes now, was the first to produce this lifting equipment. The KB-408.21 had been manufactured from 1998 to 2001. One year later, in 2002, the Nyazepetrovsk plant started the production of the KB-408.21. Since then, the triumphant progress of the crane has begun within the Russian construction sites.

Despite the fact that the produced cranes had the same names and technical characteristics, they had some contractual differences actually, as well as different features of the cabins and electrical cabinets.

Over the last 40 year, since the production of the first SMK-10.200 (KB-408.21), the crane has become the legend of the domestic crane building industry for its simplicity, easy-to-maintain and –operate, as well as optimal combination of lifting and altitude characteristics. More than one thousand residential houses and infrastructure objects were built with KB-408.21.

Much has changed during the years, however, the SMK-10.200 (KB-408.21) high quality and easy of use have remained. The crane is highly respected by the builders, even years after, despite the new model of modern tower cranes presenting on the market, the SMK-10.200 (KB-408.21) is much in demand.

The modern SMK-10.200 (KB-408.21) meets the current requirements of the builders for more quickly and safety operation due to development of engineering and technologies of the mechanical engineering. The Nyazepetrovsk plant has managed to combine the advanced safety and frequency regulation technologies with high quality by manufacturing the modern SMK-10.200 that is proved by the decades and has an affordable price.

We congratulate the crane builders with such high achievement, the outstanding event in plant’s history and thank the plant’s team for its mastery, dedication and responsible work. We will move forward to new achievements!