Happy New Year 2018
A great ship asks deep waters!
The tower crane TDK-40.1250 with the lifting capacity of 40 tones has successfully completed certification. 
Successful tests of TDK-10.215 with new cabin
The TDK-10.215 (KB-586) with new domestic SUBK cabin has been successful tested.    
Governor put a high value on unique potential of the crane TDK-40.1250
The governor of the Chelyabinsk region, Mr. Boris Dubrovskiy, visited a production site located in Nyazepetrovsk. Giraffe’s brand new crane TDK-40.1250 was demonstrated to the executive head of the region.  
The highest point of ZapSibNeftekhim

Two TDK-10.215 cranes and two SMK-5.66 cranes are now constructing the largest object of petrochemical industry. 

GIRAFFE is near Moscow
The dispatch of 2 cranes TDK-12.300 is almost over. The cranes will be shipped to Solnechnogorsky District in Moskow oblast.
Win in energy industry!

A tower crane TDK-12.300 was successfully assembled in the territory of Kazan heating plant-1.

TDK-10.300 is looking for a job!
GIRAFFE has a unique offer for the industrial and transport enterprises: a new portal crane TDKP-10.300 from the plant warehouse.
GIRAFFE helps to develop the energy sector of Kazan
The best seller of 2016 will take part in the modernization of the Kazan heating plant.
Closer to the Outer Space
Our rail-mounted tower crane SMK-10.200 is going to conquer the Outer Space at Plesetsk Cosmodrom!