Win in energy industry!

A tower crane TDK-12.300 was successfully assembled in the territory of Kazan heating plant-1.

TDK-10.300 is looking for a job!
GIRAFFE has a unique offer for the industrial and transport enterprises: a new portal crane TDKP-10.300 from the plant warehouse.
GIRAFFE helps to develop the energy sector of Kazan
The best seller of 2016 will take part in the modernization of the Kazan heating plant.
Closer to the Outer Space
Our rail-mounted tower crane SMK-10.200 is going to conquer the Outer Space at Plesetsk Cosmodrom! 
GIRAFFE arose in Voronezh!
Snow and Pre-New Year rush have never influenced the proper working process of Giraffe tower cranes.
Anti-crisis offer!
GIRAFFE developed the unique anti-crisis offer of its second-hand tower cranes.
Nationwide recognition of product quality!
Giraffe tower cranes were awarded the prize "100 best products of Russia".
TDK-8.180 is building a church in Kogalym
Building of the church is a great and important challenge that can be trusted only to the true professionals with incontestable authority.
Proud for the country, proud for GIRAFFE!
We keep following the work of SMK-10.200 tower cranes, which are being used for restoration of the heavy nuclear missile cruiser Admiral Nakhimov.
GIRAFFE's wins for sport wins!
More than once GIRAFFE has proven its efficiency at the most important country’s objects. Our machines are successfully being used both for building of skyscrapers, stadia, sport objects as well as nuclear stations.